don’t treat your significant other like they’re a fucking hook up


Some people are supposed to be in your past. You know those people that you try & bring to your present & future; but they constantly end up in your past no matter what? Yes, those people are meant to be there. The universe isn’t allowing them back anywhere else.

It’s okay to check up on people…

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Anything for a beautiful girl
I want right now

Anonymous said: Let her know you love her without forgetting she wants a guy, someone to protect her not someone vulnerable, she doesn't seem to appreciate that. but don't let it break you. If you really wanna still be with her just show her don't tell her. Don't over crowd her with compliments all the time, most of the time that weakens you in her eyes and even then also makes it less special to be complimented always.

Thank you anon, Iove you for this. Wish I knew who this is.

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Having trust issues suck.

I wish I was loved by someone again.
When I get older and have kids

I’m not going to force my kids to do what I want them to do as they grow up. I want them to dream.. DREAM BIG & make those dreams come true. That’s what real father would do.